Pricing for Open Edition Prints

11" x 14" Double Matted, Unframed, Protective Sleeve                     $39

11" x 14" Double Matted, Framed                                                           $79

16" x 20" Double Matted, Unframed Protective Sleeve                      $ 49

16" x 20" Double Matted, Framed                                                          $119


By Craig Hackett


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Until our Credit Card processing system becomes operational Credit Card orders can be placed by phone or email.  All orders are shipped flat.  There is no charge for packaging. Customer pays only what is charged by UPS or FedEx. Orders can also be picked up in Newtown, Bucks County, PA - Call or email for directions.

Be sure to call or email me if you have any questions or are ready to place an order. Thank you for visiting my website.           FB "Bucks County Artworks"   267-808-6430          

More works to be added soon - keep checking

                        Beach 10                                   Beach 11                                              Beach 12

Beach 4                                              Beach 5                                             Beach 6

                 Beach 7                                               Beach 8                                          Beach 9

Beach 1                                            Beach 2                                           Beach 3

              Cindy Lynne                              Edith Alverda                                          Stallion

              Skipjack                                   Shrimpers Three                                 Terri's Pirates

              Beach 13                                      Beach 14                                          Beach 15